Kelmin Lumo is a Finnish visual artist whose themes are often socially critical. He opposes injustice and like to make his voice heard by the means of art.

Many of the artworks are inspired by hip hop and pop culture.

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Rat Poison Coca Cola logo style

About me

I am a visual artist, Bachelor of Culture and Arts and video content creator.

I enjoy downhill biking and own 3 skateboards, which I am just learning to use.

3 Greats


Hi-Rez, Jimmy Levy - This Is A War
Souls Of Mischief - 93 ‘Til Infinity
Art Of Trance - Calling Your Name (Art Of Trance Chillout Remix)

Movies and serials

Sairaan Kaunis Maailma
Miami Vice (movie and serial)
Married With Children
Huvila & Huussi


French fries
Pop corn


"It would be TOO weird."
"I gotta do this other thing first."
"Who cares."

Things to be grateful for

People who believe in me
Good health
Amazing friends and family

Goals for the future

Win the battle against evil
Make and sell a lot of art
Own a modern house by the lake

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