The artist website of Kelmin Lumo

Kelmin Lumo is a Finnish visual artist and entrepreneur whose work is inspired by hip hop and pop culture.


I’m Jani Parikka, a passionate visual artist working under the name Kelmin Lumo. The name is Finnish and it can be translated to “crook’s enchantment”.

Why a crook, people always ask. It has a much deeper meaning than just being a cool name. In a story, a crook is usually the main opponent and more interesting than a hero. A crook is often one of the most important factors in a successful story.

There’s a need for someone to rise up against the blood suckers and put things into motion. That’s what crooks do in stories, sometimes even bending the rules a little to send an important message. In that sense some crooks are the true heroes.

As a child, my family and relatives provided a great influence in art.

In my teens, hip hop and street art began to interest me, and they still inspire my works.

In high school, I knew I wanted to become a commercial artist. However, cinematic expression and video production took my interest for years. Later on I got interested in digital graphics and web design. Only when I was working in Dublin for IBM under a repressive employment relationship, I found art again. After returning to Finland I started drawing with acrylic markers, cutting stencils and practicing with oil colors.

My themes are often socially critical. I’m opposed to injustice and like to make my voice heard by the means of art.