Kelmin Lumo is a Finnish visual artist
whose works are inspired by urban pop culture.

My inspiration

I’ve worked as a web and graphic designer for about 20 years. During these years, I’ve designed websites for numerous entrepreneurs in different fields and for other artists.

However, my inspiration in art doesn’t come from the internet or digital graphics, but from street art and urban pop culture.

In middle school, I knew I wanted to become a commercial artist. After high school I went to study cinematic expression and video production. Later on I thought that video production is too physical (you need to carry the gear and set it all up for a few seconds of the shot) and unfilling, plus there were no jobs for editors at that time (nor Youtube, Rumble or such!).

So I got interested in digital graphics and web design instead and stayed on that path for a long time.

Only when I was working in Dublin for IBM under a repressive employment relationship, I found art again. After returning to Finland I started drawing with acrylic markers, cutting stencils and practicing with oil colors.

My themes in art are often (but not always) socially critical. I’m strongly opposed to injustice and like to make my voice heard by the means of art.

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I now offer my design services as well!
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Kelmin Lumo” is Finnish and means “crook’s enchantment“.

A few of my favorite…


Sairaan Kaunis Maailma
Miami Vice


Dimension – DJ Turn It Up
Souls Of Mischief – 93 β€˜Til Infinity
Art Of Trance – Calling Your Name (Art Of Trance Chillout Remix)

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Goals for the future

Win the battle against evil.
Make and sell a lot of art.
Live happily with my girl and have a family.