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You can buy Kelmin Lumo’s art through this page. All published artworks can be found on the Art pages.

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About delivery

Since large or certain artworks are not sent by post, you can only buy them by making a separate arrangement for pickup.
(Read more on the page Why aren’t large artworks delivered by post.)

Delivering the artwork to you within a reasonable distance in Southern Finland is also possible if we agree on the costs in advance.
(Read more about delivery.)

All works on the selection list marked “(Shippable)” can be sent by mail.

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About cats

There are cats in the place where the artworks are stored or have been stored.

This is just an FYI for customers who are allergic to cats.

Use this form to buy artworks by Kelmin Lumo

Select one or more artworks from the list, fill in the simple contact information, and send a message.

When I receive your contact,

  1. I will reserve the artwork for you.
  2. I will email you payment instructions (Must be paid within 5 days of ordering, otherwise the reservation will be cancelled and it moves to the next in line).
  3. I will e-mail you instructions for pickup or proposal of the delivery, depending on your choice.

It’s that simple. 😀

Please note that orders are fulfilled in order of arrival.

    You can select several artworks from the list at the same time.

    - If you chose pickup, let me know what would be the best time for you
    - If you chose delivery, tell me where you want it delivered
    and we'll proceed from there.

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