Kelmin Lumo Design

Kelmin Lumo Design is a design service for companies, produced by the artist himself.

Combine creative talent, modern design
and your brand into marketing that sells.

Art & Brand Collaboration

Do you think the artist’s values and style are in line with your brand’s values, mission and vision?

In this case, it’s really worth considering collaboration.

Here’s how you can benefit from it:

  • Strengthen your company’s image and increase the value of your brand through collaboration.
  • Create new perspectives by focusing on the visual aspect of the brand – instead of the business orientation.
  • Show your customers that your brand is trendy and wants to support artistic creation (Art is hip and cool).

Art licensing

Art licensing means paying an artist a fee for the commercial use of their interesting, high-quality artwork.

This is a great way to use artwork for company branding, special promotions and other commercial purposes in exchange for a fee.

Art licensing can be used to leverage buying behaviors and to increase the visibility of specific products.

Lots of companies do this for their products and packaging. Sometimes music artists may also buy the rights to an artwork for their cover art.

Graphic Design

Get customers’ attention and additional visibility with a creative and aesthetically interesting design.

I have a long experience in digital graphics. I create attractive logos, advertisements and print design according to your wishes.

  • Logos
  • Ads
  • Other graphic designing for marketing.

All the graphics you see on this site are designed by me (including the site itself).

I respect my clients so I don’t list them as references, because I take a strong stand on social issues. However, I’m confident that you can trust my design skills.

Web Design

I’ve been making websites for about 20 years for large and small companies, world-famous artists, influencers and consultants.

Company or brand websites reach customers when you are not active yourself. A good-looking WordPress site will sell for you and strengthen your brand.

I make sites that are practical and their appearance and mobile functionality are top-notch!

I also guide you to the right kind of content that is not only selling, but also useful for your customers, and it appeals to your target group.

The website should be implemented with WordPress, so you can easily update it yourself and add features later if you want.

Ask if you are interested in having my design skills for your company.