Etkot w/ Kelmin Lumo

“Etkot” means pre-party.
New songs added weekly!

Play this playlist when you want to party! Also suitable for a walk or run.

Chill Out Lounge

Relax with chill out music.
Best chill, RnB and indie songs.

This playlist is for you when you want to create a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.

Summer Vibes

Feel alive with these good energy songs.

Longboard cruising, sunsets, summer and indie vibes.

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My musical background

I have been a big fan of the radio since I was a child. Or really, the radio was the sister and brother to me that I never had. I listened to it in the morning, after school and on weekends until I fell asleep.

I have also known for a long time that at some point in my life I will become a radio host. But the time has not yet come.

On the radio, I really liked EDM (electronic dance music) and listened to all the special programs. At the same time, the hip-hop culture influenced me a lot and it showed in the way I dressed.

When I was a teenager, at the suggestion of my friend, we both bought a pair of turntables and DJ mixers and started playing vinyl records for fun. I fell in love with it so much that I started doing club gigs as well.

Pitkä Pub, Lahti, in 2013.

Even though I focused on subcultures and thus missed a lot of popular culture experiences in my life (such as stadium concerts), I am happy and proud that I have been able to influence people and the entire music culture that prevails today.

Music trends unknown to the general public at the time are today’s mainstream. That’s because all of us DJs, music producers and party organizers who made it popular, maybe unwittingly, but it happened anyway. We are the ones to thank for it.

Beatroot, Helsinki in 2010. Photo by Reija.

Even though I stopped gigging about 10 years ago, I’ve never stopped looking for new music. I love maintaining playlists where you can find new and best music every week. I spend a lot of time each week discovering new songs. I want to create moods with my playlists, just like in my DJ years.

I still want to influence music culture. It has always been important to me and it still is. I have also written song lyrics. If you are interested in buying one, please contact me!