Urban Artist

This artwork depicts the illegality of graffiti and street art. Whether it’s illegal or not, or should it be illegal or not, painting is always a creative expression.

Some people think graffiti and street art are ugly or it doesn’t arouse interest. For others, on the other hand, special letters on tags, colorful walls layered with spray paint and the romance of illegality are beautiful. For some, it’s a way of life.

My interest in drawing comics started as a child and in graffiti as a teenager.

Here’s an urban artist pictured inside the frames that are glued on reclaimed wooden board (old cabinet shelf). See detailed information below the photos.

Urban Artist


Urban Artist - On the wall

Urban Artist

2023 (2012, 2022, 2023)
Spray paint and acrylic on reclaimed wooden board (old cabinet shelf)
Mirror frame glued to a wooden board
Wood filler on the bottom of the frame to fill the gap
Background and sides primed with white gesso
Rounded top edge
50,4 x 55,7 x 3,6 cm

1096,70 € (incl. VAT 10%)

Mailable artwork

Photos of artwork in progress