Web Design

Beautiful and functional design.
Easy-to-update websites.

Kelmin Lumo has been making websites for about 20 years for large and small companies, other world-famous artists, influencers and consultants.

Company or brand websites reach customers when you are not active yourself. A good-looking website will sell for you and strengthen your brand.

Kelmin Lumo creates websites that are practical and their appearance and mobile functionality are top-notch!

He also guides you to the right kind of content that is not only selling, but also useful for your customers, and it appeals to your target group.

The website should be implemented with WordPress, so you can easily update it yourself and add features later if you like.

Would you like to have a website like this one?

No problem!

This website is entirely designed and implemented by the artist himself. It’s based on a WordPress theme also created by Kelmin Lumo, and it can be used for many types of businesses. The theme has been created following all the principles of good and practical design.

As another example of a similar site, take a look at janiparikka.com.

We respect the privacy and values of our customers, so we do not list them here as references. This is because the artist takes a strong stand on social issues. However, we are sure you can trust his design skills. If you are still unsure, you can ask for references.