Why aren’t large artworks delivered by post?

The largest paintings are not shipped to the customer’s address, but can only be picked up. In some cases, it can also be agreed that the work will be brought to the customer in person within Finland and depending on the distance.

Yes, I fully understand that this is poor customer service. Terrible actually. I should be ashamed.

However, there is a compelling reason for this.

Why aren’t large artworks delivered by post?

The main reason I don’t send a large sized painting in the mail is that we can’t trust it to get there intact.

Most of the packages I’ve ordered from Finland or abroad, as a consumer, have been torn open and sometimes the product has also been damaged.

In such cases, I have received compensation from the seller. For example, a slightly cracked skateboard was compansated with a gift card.

However, art is often unique. It cannot be replaced by another product. A damaged work of art is ruined.

For such cases, the art must be packed very carefully. This means that the painting must be protected from moisture, from the weight placed on it from all directions, from sharp hits, and it must be ensured that the packaging materials are of high quality so that they don’t cause destruction to the work.

For smaller paintings, all of this is easier and cheaper to implement, but it doesn’t offer 100% protection. At least a wooden crate is needed to pack larger works of art.

My works are reasonably priced and such packaging and possibly insurance for the delivery would be disproportionately expensive.

Also, I don’t have time to worry about that kind of packing, and I don’t have such a workspace where I could do that.

I focus on making art rather than making boxes around it.

At some point, I wondered if I could remove the work from its frame and deliver it rolled up in a tube. That would be the most sensible way of delivery.

But that’s not good for the artwork itself. Rolling a painting can destroy an entire artwork. The paint may crack when rolled. Also as a result, the customer must ask the frame shop to put the artwork back in the frame before the art can be enjoyed.

I hope you understand :).

What can you do then?

Come pick up the painting in person or send someone you trust to pick it up.

If you live within a reasonable distance in Finland, we can also arrange for the artwork to be brought to you. In this case, we must first agree on compensation for fuel costs, car rental and time spent on delivery.

If you live abroad and are in dire need of the artwork, you can try to arrange someone to take full responsibility for packing and shipping the artwork to you.

You can contact me directly using the contact form.